This is my full interior design service. Perfect if you are embarking upon a larger project or if you have trouble visualising the end result.

The first step is the initial consultation, which usually involves a meeting at your property. During the meeting we can discuss your requirements, and talk about budget and timescales for the project.

After the initial consultation the process starts in earnest: We discuss in greater detail how you want your space to work, and I take the necessary room measurements and photographs to allow us to start the next stage of the project.

Armed with dimensions and photos, I can start the exciting planning and rendering process. I use software to plan the space then render these plans, allowing you to see exactly how your space will look once the project is completed. For examples of some of these renders, have a look at the current projects section on the homepage.

When the renders are finished, we would schedule another meeting and I can talk you through the layouts and designs, making any changes required to perfect the concept.

From here, we take these plans and make them a reality. I set about organising the details and managing the logistics for you, so the process is as hassle free and straight forward as possible.

Contact us to get your project started.