We all like things. Vases, trinkets, objects d’art.

But, do we know how to display our things to their best effect? I’ve talked (at length) about the importance of lighting and how it can be employed to great effect when highlighting things, but what if the thing you are showing isn’t being shown properly? Here are a few tips on how to make the most of that beloved bust or adored artefact:


Give them some space


Don’t overcrowd things. Let them breathe. Display even the smallest thing with plenty of room and you’ll elevate it, making it a feature which draws the eye.


Rule of three

yellow vases

Or five, or, well, odd numbers really. If you are grouping objects together, do it in odd numbers and set them up to avoid symmetry.




Creating a display of similar things, vases for example, can look really cool. You can also group things by colour for a clever way to bring an eclectic selection of objects together.



Mantle display

In a similar way to the odd number/anti-symmetry thing, don’t feel that you have to place things in the centre of a display space. Move a statue or display to a position two thirds of the way across a mantle instead of the centre. It’ll look better…trust me!


Oh. And keep things tidy!