So you’ve bought your house, chosen colour palates, furniture and fittings, the kitchen is a work of art and the bathrooms are simply splendid.

Your husband* has just bought a 3 billion inch UltraHD TV, complete with sound-bar and sub-woofer. And he’s VERY pleased with it.

* lets be honest here, it’s very likely to be your husband. This may even be his main contribution to the project.

Where the HELL are you supposed to put that?!

Fear not. There are ways of dealing with this without turning your living room into a Cineworld.

Size it up

Huge TV

Don’t buy a massive TV for the sake of it. Yes, I understand that bigger might seem better, but it really isn’t the case here. Work out where it’s going to go and how big a TV the room will take before going mental in Currys.

Factor in the cost of specific storage when you are budgeting.


There are two key points here really. The words “specific” and “budget”.

As I’ve mentioned in many occasions, planning is SO important and getting everything lined up before you start works or really sensible. Whether it’s your tiles, sofa or TV, knowing the details, specifications and requirements will enable you to plan the space better.

Also, being aware of the cost of things is essential. It’s all very well going onto Pinterest (which is great for ideas), but if you don’t have a clue where that composition is from and what it costs, how can you budget for it. And 99% of the time it’ll be more expensive than you think.

The same goes for bespoke designs – get something properly drawn up by a designer and have them discuss it with you and your carpenter to confirm a fixed price and to avoid any issues further down the line.

Hide away.


Once you’ve chosen the tech, you need to work out how to hide it. Depending on your budget and space, you can do amazing things with a bit of thought and a good designer/carpenter. Building the TV etc into an alcove in a period property is a great idea and concealing it with folding doors which drop back either side of the unit is ideal – they don’t end up flapping around untidily.

Another option is to use something which has been specifically designed to hide some of the kit. If you have a more contemporary scheme, you’ll have more options off the shelf, as it were.

Silenia open

This set up by Italian brand Silenia – from my favourite furniture showroom, Scossa – is a really clever way to hide all the additional tech like your sound-bar and sub-woofer, as well as all the unsightly wiring. The TV is mounted onto a swiveling bracket too.



The only rule here is NEVER put your TV over your mantle piece. It looks terrible and is way higher than you need it to be to be able to watch it comfortably.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken, so if you are intent on doing just that, this is the best way of doing it. Mirror TV frames are a really clever. When turned off, the TV is concealed behind reflective glass, only to be revealed once it’s turned on. Formerly the preserve of the rich and famous, they are now more reasonable, starting at about £900.

Now. Sit back, and relax…